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Fuel Management System
Fleet Management Solutions

MMIoT vehicle trackers are compatible with major fuel level sensors in the industry, including the resistive fuel level sensor, CLS sensor, LLS sensor, and ultrasonic fuel level sensor.
After a tracker is connected to the fuel monitoring system, besides basic location information, customers can also get fuel consumption, fuel level, fuel leak, fuel theft information, etc.
More importantly, managers can get fuel reports from MMIoT tracking platform, which helps fleet companies understand where improvements and adjustments are needed.
Many companies, whether in mining, construction, or transportation, have come to accept fuel loss, misuse and incorrect reporting as part of the problems that are facing everyday.
MMIoT Fuel level sensors are used for accurate fuel level and volume measurement in tanks of vehicles and stationary units. It allows to determine current fuel volume and change in volume (refuelling or draining) of fuel in the tank.
Having an accurate fuel monitoring and control system is one of the main ways to cut operating costs and increase efficiency.

Here are the advantages:

  1. High precision in fuel comsumption and fuel usage
  2. Realtime Fuel Usage Information
  3. Preventing Fuel Theft
  4. Monitor via Mobile App or Web Interface
External Fuel Level Sensor
Fleet Management Solutions

This sensor works independent of the vehicle original fuel sensor. Therefore, it can detect and report a fuel theft in real-time and send an alert even when the vehicle has been switched off.

  1. Fuel level and consumption information
  2. Fuel tank control
  3. Fuel theft protection
  4. Reports, analytics and notifications
  5. 99% accuracy
Original Fuel Sensor Tapping
Fleet Management Solutions

Unique fuel control module with possibility connect to vehicle’s original fuel sensor. Can be used for passenger cars, commercial vans, trucks or tractors. If there is fuel sensor in the fuel tank, our special GPS tracker can read and provide accurate information

about fuel levels.

  1. Low budget fuel monitoring
  2. Fuel fills & thefts
  3. Direct connection to vehicle’s fuel sensor
  4. Low power consumption
  5. 90% accuracy

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